Image of a family jumping on a beach.
Kendall, Alli, John, Jordan, Amy

Welcome to our on-line home where tales will be spun and images of people, places and things will document the exotic and  mundane  as we enjoy an open-ended cruise aboard our trusty sailing vessel, Ñyapa.  The destination is wherever we choose for the maximum amount of fun.  We are not terribly interested in having a title after our names, like “circumnavigator”, but if that is where the wind blows us then that is OK too.

“We” refers to John and Amy  and sometimes Kendall, Jordan, and Allison.  We departed the east coast of the USA in the autumn of 2013 and it happens to be our third start out of the cruising gate.  The first time was was in 1988 when John and I honeymooned aboard John’s homebuilt ferro-cement boat, “The Equinautus”.  That trip began our love affair with the intensity of living life in nature and shaking hands with the unknown.  The next voyage began in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with three little girls in tow on our current boat, Ñyapa.  We took our time sailing from Mexico back to the east coast of the U.S. ,  spending five years cruising part-time  on this route through Central America. Good times!

This time around we are covering new ground and visiting the eastern caribbean and then revisiting the western caribbean where the wind is brisk and the water warm!

B&W image of a sailboat under sail in the Grenadines.
Ñyapa under sail in the Grenadines.


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